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The Pack



Odin is our resident dog dad, it’s fitting that he carries the name of the Norse All-father. He is a good natured and friendly rascal, that only wants to have fun and play with his family. His fine red coat, handsome face, and fine physique makes him an ideal companion. 

Root Beer

Root Beer is likely sweetest pet I have ever had. She genuinely loves our family and goes out of her way to make us happy. Her beautiful red coat, gorgeous face, and sunny disposition have made her a favourite amongst our customers. 



When you look at Lucy, only one word comes to mind. Gorgeous. Her beautiful features, golden coat, and lovely smile wins everyone over. Her upbeat personality is matched by her energy. She loves playing and sharing her toys with her friends. 


Penny is a happy go lucky girl, who lights up the room due to her good nature. Her ultra calm demeanour and slight build, makes her an ideal companion for everyone!



Radish’s humanlike smile won us and everyone else over from day one. Her outgoing and cheerful disposition is contagious, making her a fantastic companion!

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The Pack: The Pack
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